Our challenge


This division’s activities are centred on providing a rapid response to the constantly changing transport sector. In order to do this we maintain two product lines:

Refrigeration systems for the transport and distribution of perishable goods

Our mission is to guarantee that products are kept at the correct temperature during transportation so that they arrive at their destination in optimum condition.

We maintain a wide range of products: articulated and semi-articulated units, separate diesel units for trucks, operated by alternator, battery, or directly from the vehicle engine, and eutectic plate systems. This line is completed by multi-temperature units, which allow for the transportation of different products at different temperatures in the same compartment.

We also offer an innovative system of mobile refrigerated containers which offer flexible solutions for refrigeration logistics.

Integrated systems with climate control for passenger transport

We offer a wide range of complete heating, ventilation, air conditioning and climate control systems for all applications, from minibuses to articulated buses, helping to provide the highest degree of passenger comfort.

The two lines which make up the Transport Division are supported by an enormous technical assistance network covering the entire Iberian Peninsula, with highly-qualified staff who all participate in a rigorous skills maintenance training system in order that they can best look after the needs of our customers, whatever those needs may be.